Smith Ferril, the best smith

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Character Name: Smith Ferril

Name(s) and Titles: Smith Ferril, Blacksmith Ferril, Smithy, Demon Hunter

Nickname(s) or Alter-Egos:

Personal Information:

Race: Lizardfolk

Age: 20

Gender/Lack of Gender: Male

Sexuality/Lack of Sexuality: Straight

Nationality/Ethnicity: Yeetopian

Religion/Lack of Religion: He is a devout follower of Koa’Tole


Height/Weight: 8’4, 300lb

Hair: Red spines go down his head to his back

Eyes: Predator yellow, one eye is scarred and blind

Commonly Worn Clothing: a brown tabard and slacks/hellforged steel plate mail.

Physical Mannerisms: Stutter, Limp

Scars/Injuries: several scars line his body, most noticeably his right eye is blinded after taking a serious blow to it.

Voice: Raspy, reptilian, and deep with no noticeable accent

Family and Friends:

Father: Etana

Mother: Ninki

Siblings: Enkido

Extended Family: N/A

Children: N/A

Friends: General Lazarus Flint

Alliances: the Yeetopians, The Kobold turncoats


Ferril was born into a simple, nomadic lizardfolk tribe before he was separated from his pack; with no where else to go he travelled until he found himself in Yeetopia and forcefully integrated himself as the town blacksmith and within his three years of living there he has since provided them with simple but reliable arms and armor until he went missing for three months in the recent times. During his underground hiatus he dug out a strange portal that led to somewhere he called ‘the hot place’ before declaring a one man war against it’s denizens, taking shelter in a cave and taking resources whenever he could before barely escaping with his life. It was during this time that he got the idea of setting up a new forge using the materials and new… hotter fire from the other world where he began the construction of his hellforge…

Characteristics and Personality:

Occupation: Blacksmith/Soldier

Education: Combat training and smithing

Strengths: His skills as a blacksmith, melee capabilities, and Durability

Weaknesses: Socializing with warmbloods, incapable of using magic, temperament

Likes/Hobbies/Values: Making exotic arms and armor, the safety of his little kobold buddies, basking in the sun

Dislikes/Phobias: The Cold, Death, orcs

Fatal Flaws: He will not show any mercy to orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, or dragons of any kind.

Skills: Smithing, Building, Fighting

Dreams/Long-term Desires: He desires to become the greatest smith in lyconia, he also seeks eternal life

Mental Stability/Lack of: He is mentally stable as far as lizardfolk are concerned

Secrets: wouldn’t you like to know? :wink:

Extra Questions: Use these to inspire you to create a fully realised character!

What is the one item your character cannot live without? His Prized Hellforged Armor

What is their way in life? immortality

How has this character developed within the last few years? But… the map hasn’t been around that long

What matters most to your character? His life

What’s your character’s type or archetype? Fish out of water

If you could describe your character in one sentence, what would you say? Smith Ferril

What would break your character mentally? The loss of Yeetopia

Who influenced your character the most? The constant jokes of him being the doom slayer

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