Name: Stonehold
Kingdom (Optional): N/A
Owner: FaintingHope
Members: 6 (Roster Below)
Location: 1037, 79, -1250 (X, Y, Z)
Warp (Optional): stonehold

Stonehold is a coastal hamlet located to the northeast of Mendjudet (spawn). A mountainous island, Stonehold is slowly growing around the ruins of an abandoned and weathered stone keep, known to the locals as “Castle Stonehold”. Stonehold is currently working to develop both its agricultural and mining industries and settle its island with new residents.

Town Roster:
Leader: FaintingHope
Member: HyperOrange
Member: Gobbo_
Member: MagFrag
Member: Luukers
Member: Quinty_Imara

If you would like to join Stonehold, please include a reply below and let me know how you can benefit the town!

Approved, pending dock for boat transporter.