Super duper whitelist application. ok

:one: What is your Minecraft in-game username?
My Super-Duper Minecraft name is: Shirinevera
:two: How long have you been playing Minecraft?
I don’t remember how long i play Minecraft. Few months for sure, maybe year? I don’t know and care, if you ask me.
:three: How did you find out about RoleplayCraft?
I found out about RoleplayCraft from (I wanted to write ‘internet’ but it’s too obvious i think.)
:four: Have you ever been banned from another Minecraft Server/Community? If your answer was yes, what was the reason why?
I have not been banned from another Minecraft Server/Community.
:five: Have you read our Terms of Service Policy and Community Rules/Guidelines?
I have read our Terms of Service Policy and our Community Rules/Guidelines.
:six: Desired Race?
Wood elf all the way.
:seven: Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Now we talking. So. Yes.
Kinda amateur writer and intermediate-ish roleplayer. I love red and black color. I’m typical server communist - i like to share with my items. Oh, i’m 19 y.o and silly as duck, so be prepared. And my keyboard loves to repeat ‘i’ so many times. And no, i don’t know why.

Accepted! Welcome to RPC!