Tal'Zelza Myrimeth

  • Tal’Zelza Myrimeth *

Personal Info:
Tal’Zelza is a male Dark Elf, about 20 years of age. He was born to Dark Elf parents but they were killed by demon worshipers before he was a year old. He was rescued by a high elven Wizard named Alana Brightmoor in Lytrik Forest and was raised by her for 16 years. during that time he learned magnificent magical spells and seemed a natural for the arcane arts, he also seemed natural as a theif, stealing from passing caravans and bandits without a trace, or a witness. on his 16th birthday he was given a locket by his mother, Alana. She told him it was a Phantasm Locket, it would allow him to switch his physical form with his spirit form with a snap of his fingers, allowing him to bypass any obstacle that beset him, or any trouble. Alana then sent him on his way.

Tal’Zelza is about 5’10" with a muscular yet slim build. His skin gray, and his hair darker gray, his eyes pure black. Has long limbs and fine hands. He has a very calm aura about him. His left arm is missing and in its place is an ancient dwarven construct of very advanced make, he also has a scar along his left eye and three large gouge scars on his back, none of which he likes talking about.

When he was sent of by his mother, Alana, he made his way along the main road 2 miles from the tower he called home. While on the road he happened upon some bandits sleeping in a small clearing. He decided to make himself some coin with their gear, and nearly succeeded. The 5 bandits lay sleeping and he made his move, after taking a fair amount of gear he was detected by a female tiefling around his age. She was impressed by his skills and as the others woke up he began to tremble, he realised that they were adventurers, he heard stories from Alana about how they helped those in need and saved people from great threats. He immediately apologized that he had mistaken them for bandits and offered them what coin he had, but was stopped by the female tiefling. She said that someone with his skills could be of great use to them and she sensed his intentions were pure, and a large man at the back of the group stepped forward and offered him a place in their group.

The adventureres he would join were Keyala Forestkin, the female tiefling ranger who he would grow romanticaly interested in; Smasher, the Warforged Barbarian; Guurath Genrtals, the female dragonborn sorcerer; Barvus Claudvan, the male dwarven cleric; and the party leader, Harlock Smitesmith, a male paladin. The party would go on to mentor him for the next year, and after that he had gotten the hang of things, the next three years he devoted himself to helping those in need, whether it be killing threatening beasts, healing or protecting people with his inherit magical powers, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, or even saving villages from bandits. Along those three years he and Keyala grew fond of eachother, and at the age of 20 he proposed to her.

All was well and good, but a week before the wedding an emergency required the party’s attention. A house a mile outside of town was reported to be housing suspicious characters and was being used to contact demons. the party took off at once to deal with the threat, but upon their arrival the house was teeming with cultists, they made their way through the house and made their way to a secret chamber in the basement. in the chamber were 5 cultists in the midsts of a ritual around an altar, and before the party could stop them an archdemon rose from the altar, without even thinking they sprung into action, but were felled quickly. the only two left were him and his love, the Archdemon turned towards them and made a magical attack but Tal’Zelza felt an ancient force overcome him, and from left arm burst a large shield made of shadow, protecting them from its attack. The beast broke his barrier after the third hit and tore Tal’Zelza’s arm off causing Tal to faint. He awoke to find him and Keyala in a familiar place, he was in his old home. Alana came to greet them and said that she was lucky to save them in time, telling them she had sent her familiar to watch Tal for the 4 years he was away, and told him fo the shadow magic he possessed from his lineage.

Tal and his wife, Keyala, decided to settle down somewhere. They chose the city where they were married in, and after a while Tal realised people still needed help, so he ventured back to the housie where the event occured and decided to see if he could find anything. he managed to salvage some gear and took back Harlock’s armour, so he could remember the person he looked up to. he went to see a dwarven artificer and have an arm made, using the gauntlet and the pauldron of Harlock’s armour in the build. afterwards he had it attached he felt the force of something great, something like a force of a paladin, and he smiled. He went home to his love and told her he planned to continue adventuring. She pleaded him not to but failed miserably; she said to him if he planned to that he should take something with him, she pulled out a canvas covered box and revealed a graciously made box and inside a mastercrafted short sword and dagger, made of beautiful black steel and engraved with dark elf runes. She said that it was a wedding gift from Harlock. They held eachother and cried.

The next morning he geared up, grabbed everything, kissed his wife goodbye, and ventured off into a new world, a world illprepared to face the newly hardened mage-theif as he set out to avenge the lives of his party, and make them proud. So now he journeys, helping those in need, and teaching skills to those that share his ideals.

Characteristics & Personality
Tal is quite reserved, and always calm. he strives to be a mentor and a protector which often leads him into trouble for not looking after himself. He cares about others more than anything and will use his rogueish skills to smite those whose seek to do harm or ill to others.

He hates selfish and unjust people, although he possesses thieving skills.

Unique Gear

  • Phantasm Locket

    • allows him to remove his spiritual from from his physical from and control both, and switch the twos places with a snap of his fingers, given to him by his adoptive mother, Alana.
  • The Shadowblades

    • The dagger and short sword given to him as a wedding gift by the legendary paadin, Harlock Smitemith. When wielded by him they are shrouded in black mist and allowing extra accuracy and damage
  • Smitesmith’s hand

    • the arm made by a dwarven artificer using Harlock’s gauntlet as the hand and his pauldron as the shoulderpiece. The arm has many different uses that come in handy, such as a firestarter, hedron trap, and grappling hook. it gives bonus damage against undead and fiends in struck with the hand.