Tarmid Nish, the Scion of Nobility

Tarmid Nish (Blade Trade)

Age 23


Sexuality: Straight

Religion: Agnostic Atheist, he doesn’t believe quite in a god, but he respects other religions, if a god came to him and spoke to him he’d be willing to change

Height/Weight: 5’0, 120 pounds (when not wearing heavy armor)

Hair: Short, Brown, somewhat nice

Eyes: Brown

Commonly Worn Clothing: adventuring outfit and any other armor he has

Physical Mannerisms: Friendly, honorable, maybe a bit strange at times

Scars/Injuries: Not too many, a few cuts and scratches due to day to day life out in the unsafe land (what with undead and giant spiders)

Tarmid Nish comes from the Dwarven Nish family a family of nobles from across the sea…at least they were until the last 100 years, after one member became a necromancer and slaughtered his fortress the Nish family became Pariahs. Tarmid now works as a sell blade or any other job he can to make cash.

He knows his family is noble and has pride of it, what with hearing stories of his great grandfather Idrath.

Skill wise he is a swordsman but not on the level of Idrath, but he has a love of crafting as his family was known for crafting and mercantile.

As of now he is working to etch out his own life, perhaps rebuild his family name and perhaps become a noble in his own right.