Teikoku Capital: Shoto

Name: Shoto
Kingdom (Optional): Teikoku
Owner: WinterCraft147 and Shadowcreed611
Members: BillytheWizard, ArielBunny, (upload://opYq43xBbyQiIEgqCEt9OiUGWzE.jpeg) Honeydragon, Salrica, Jackpepper147, KingUK10
Location: <X Y Z -2555, 74, -1473
Warp (Optional): Shoto

Shoto is the capital of Teikoku. Teikoku is an Asian-themed empire whose purpose is for slaying the dragon God, Corr’horn. The Ninja guild is exactly for said purpose. Although the location is hidden. Shoto is located in the mountains, where villagers (the mob) live and the Emperor and Empress live. There are two compounds, and districts outside of the mountains. Each district is named and themed after a Japanese myth, with a statue of some kind to represent the myth. The houses are like this: Wooden roof: Religious construct (1 exception). Nether Brick roof: for mobs. Dark Prismarine roof: for players. Blackstone: undecided and none yet