The Barbarian Class [Test]

The Barbarian Class
The following class is still in it’s testing phase for balancing purposes

Offense Skills

  • Heavy Strike: 1d20

  • Bone Crusher 1d20+2 [2 turn cool down]

  • Skull Cracker 2d20+1 [3 turn cool down]

  • The mighty headbutt! 1d20+3 to attack and inflict a -3 debuff to enemy attacks for 2 turns [4 turn cooldown]

  • Devastating Blow! Barbarian rolls a 3d20, take the highest number and if it hits you deal double damage. On a critical hit, you deal triple damage. This attack does not hit multiple times.

Defensive Skills

Unending Fury: 1d20+2 to parry and counterattack an enemy, can only be rolled after being attacked. If you miss, you take double damage [2 turn cool down]

Defensive Rage: gain a +5 to all defensive rolls but in turn suffer a -5 to all attack rolls for 2 turns [3 turn cool down]

Built like a mountain: 1d20 to apply a +1 overheal to self, treat as a normal heal if damaged. [4 turn cool down]

Intimidating Presence: 1d20+10 to scare an enemy into not attacking you [5 turn cool down]

Utility Skills

BIG GUTS!: 1d20 to taunt an enemy into attacking you instead of an ally [2 turn cool down]

Unexpected Tackle: 1d20+3 to knock an enemy on the ground, granting you and allies a bonus +2 to attack that target until the start of the enemies next turn, you also suffer a +2 to being attacked by enemies regardless of success or failure. [3 turn cool down]

Barbarian Rage: gain a +5 to attack for your next 3 turns but suffer a -5 to defend for your next 3 turns as well. [4 turn cool down]

Adrenaline Rush: [passive skill] automatically use upon being depleted to 0 hp, the barbarian can continue fighting despite being at 0 but will outright die upon reaching -3hp. [5 turn cool down]