The Dwarves


:axe:Dwarves :axe:

Kingdoms rich in ancient grandeur, halls carved into the roots of mountains, the echoing of picks and hammers in deep mines and blazing forges, and a commitment to clan and tradition. Bold and hardy, dwarves are known as skilled warriors, miners, and workers of stone and metal. Their courage and endurance are also easily a match for any of the larger folk.

:muscle:Physical Description :muscle:

Dwarves are a short but well built people; heavily resembling humans but with a few key differences, their noses are normally larger than that of a human and the males possess long, extravagant beards that can sometimes reach the chest of the individual; while their arms are normal length, their legs are stunted, giving them their shorter appearance.

  • Common Height:
  • Male: 4’4”- 4’9”
  • Female: 4’0”- 4’7”
  • Common Build: Stocky, Muscular, and Thick
  • Common Eyes: Copper, Lapis, Coal, Stone, Golden, and Emerald
  • Common Hair: Black, Brown, Blonde, Red, and Ginger
  • Common Skin Tone: Cream, Tan, Honey, Almond, and Umber

:beers:Culture :beers:

Dwarves for the most part operate on an honor code as well as by their families and clan: as to a dwarf their clan is as important as their cities themselves. It isn’t unusual to see dwarven families specialize in certain crafts such as smithing, rune making, and mining, this does not mean that there haven’t been dwarves who specialize in other talents.

Due to their high magical resilience, the dwarves are one of the only races capable of getting deep enough into the world to gather mana infused ores, specialized materials that became infused with magic due to being so close to the core and as such the dwarves able to craft rune forged armors and weapons.
Dwarven craft is both effective and a marvel to look at, most weapons and armors possessing runic patterns or designs to represent stories or deeds of old; to a dwarven smith: his/her craft is his/her life, his/her pride, and he/she will do anything they can to best potential rivals.
Most dwarves also live by a code of honor and their words should never be taken lightly as they will do anything to pull through with a promise or threat, to not do so would dishonorable and abhorrent to most dwarven societies, dwarves which lack any form of honor will normally be shunned or exiled from their homes.

The dwarven people, much like any other race: had started on the surface, living peacefully in the mountains. It isn’t known when or why the dwarven people had originally fled their mountain homes to the underground where they had remained for thousands of years. During this time of isolation near the mana core, the dwarves soon found that they were no longer able to use magic, but in return had found they could get closer to the core, they had become far more resilient to magic. Seeing how mana could affect the other races, the dwarves as a people feared what more exposure to the core could do to them, causing them to migrate back to their mountainous homes.

:boom:Mechanics :boom:

Lifespan: 100-120 years

Being holed away underground for so long has forced Dwarves to adapt to the strong mana presence. Being in contact with mana has caused a physical inability to cast spells whatsoever in them, though they also have grown very resistant to spells and other mana-based attacks.

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