The History of Lyconia and a New Beginning

Please Note: This is as told from a dying character who will no longer be taking part in the new map.

In her old age the elderly wood elf nisserie picks up a roll of parchment paper and a quil and some ink and she begins to write her tale of a place from over 100 years ago….

“Hmm…where to begin, she muses to herself. I guess i should start from the beginning.”
“She begins to scrawl on the parchment in a beautiful flowing text:”

A long time ago, in a time when the world was new, The Gods created our homeland, the water we drink, the soil and stones we carved, the air we breathe. The land we lived on was deemed by the scholars and worshippers of our time ‘Lyconia’. Lyconia used to be a very harmonious and beautiful place to live and prosper in, however… with time the world fell into corruption by the greed of mortals, and unnatural dark beings. Many souls besotten with greed fell one by one in search of long-forgotten treasures though to stretch beyond when the gods and goddesses first came into being. Many still of pure heart and mind fled from the terrible corruption plaguing the lands of Lyconia to where we are now. However, due to the passing of time and old age many of the elderly adventurers and scholars of my time are beginning to pass beyond into the ether……

“With a deep sigh, rubbing her hands and taking a sip from her cup of luke warm honey tea she begins again to write the History of Lyconia.”

With our time short it may not be long before we too become one with the ether. I would like to think that maybe some of these old photographs will hold some awe of what Lyconia used to be…Maybe some day it can be vanquished from the clutches of Dread,Deceit, and Darkness of the unknown… For now though i will talk of what the future holds. Many have fled to the lands of Maizalar, far far far away from Lyconia seeking refuge in the city of Mendjudet. The people of this land are very welcoming and supportive of us and our families who hope to flourish here in these lands. I thank them very graciously for all that they do for us. I have enclosed some old greyed out photos of Lyconia for the curious children of the new dawn to look at. I highly encourage them though to chase and follow their dreams and make meaningful bonds of friendship and be respectful to all of the Gods and goddess as you never know what is held in store for us at ethers gate.

“She takes a look at all she has written and smiles feeling this parchment should suffice for a history lesson, she signs her name at the bottom of the scrawl and sets it gently to rest against the ivory desk in her small home.”

“She mumbles to herself and gets up out of her chair and you can hear her bones starting to crackle a little… ‘I think it is time to prepare for the rituals of passing to the ether… My time here has been long and i have accomplished many great deeds.”

And with that she leaves her homestead in Maizalar for whomever next decides to take over her small cottage. Thus ends the history of the lands of Lyconia.