The Land of Abanesmel

Note: I do not intend for this continent to be a place to visit, its more of world building of a place that could have people from it joining the rp, or perhaps as NPC’s. Also TLDR, its basically a land that rules under dwarf fortress logic.
More things can be added, but for now this should be a good rundown. Will go into more details if needed

The Land of Abanesmel, a large continent known for many things, adventure, monsters, a good brew, and most of all, the great Dwarven Kingdom.

Main Races: The Main races are Dwarves, Humans, Elves, and Goblins. There of course are pockets of other species but they are not as large of groups as the previously mentioned races.

Dwarves: The Dwarves of Abanesmel are standard dwarves, prideful of their crafts, loving to create elebrate fortress’s and their hatred of elves and goblins.

Humans: Humans also have a kingdom in Abanesmel and tend to vary from settlement to settlement how they act.

Elves: the Elves of Abanesmel are unique elves in this region, known also as Wooden High Elves for their mix of the love of nature of the wood elves, and the haughty behavior of the High Elves. They pride their respect to nature so much wars have been fought over the preservation of forests. Another unique feature of these elves is their tradition to devour those who they defeat. A practice seen as horrific by other races.
Most elves live under the guidance of the high druid and have mastered an art of growing wood into shapes rather than cutting wood to make things.

Goblins: the goblins of Abanesmel live in underground fortress’s known as pits, usually abandoned by previous owners these goblins breed and multiply and fight under the banner of a demon who seeks to spread their vile forces of darkness upon the land.
These demons however are not true demons, they are lesser beings calling themselves demons to throw their weight around to those not of the nether. However they are still a deadly threat if faced in combat.

Notable Demon Overlords:
Zycandroma: A Large clawed skinless winged Monkey, beware its deadly blood.Know as the army lord Known to fly around and lead its armies in battle, the screeches it lets out are also known to demoralizes armies that are unlucky to face it. It lives for combat and searches for a powerful opponent to fight.
Notable Kills: Prince Inod Rimtar

Glom: A Large Crocodile Man composed of Ash, beware its fire. Known also as the keeper of the flame, this one rather than waging war sends his forces out to find books and knowledge, it is unknown what he is looking for but is said to have an army of necromancer goblins at his side.

Kreevilla: A large wasp woman, beware her deadly dust and webs, known as the mistress of filth and death, her forces uses methods of illness and disease to destroy fortress, when that doesn’t work she will send her own children, wasp creatures on missions to kill important enemies, not caring if they die or even succeed, all she wants to death to all other living things including her own forces if need be.

Other Races:

Kobolds: The kobolds of Abanesmel are not lizard folk like other ones, a species almost rabbit like these kobolds live for one thing, shinies. Known as real trouble makers they sneak into places to steal shinies to take back home. Their language is almost impossible to learn but most kobolds either mean well or don’t know what they are doing is wrong.
Not dangerous, more or less a pest.

Animal Folk: animal men like Bear Men, Wolf Men, etc are a common species, some live in tribes, other lives among forts or cities, depends on their personality and traditions. It is a common rule to not eat these people as its considered a form of cannibalism, unless you are an elf.

The Forgotten Beasts and Titans

The Large Continent of Abanesmel have many creatures known either as Forgotten Beasts or Titans, creatures of destruction known for slaying many people and destroying many cities.

They are one of a kind creatures who no one knows their origins to, some have been worshiped as gods, others as demons (or mistaken as them) and to some they even see them as natures way to keep balance.

A titan is a creature that lives on the surface, while a forgotten beast remains below, Titans tend to become more fantastical creatures, some say breeding and evolving to become creatures like dragons, minotaurs or giants. Forgotten beasts are more monstrous and strange, some say they are the offspring of demons.

Strangly these creatures seem to have migrated to other continents and no one knows why.

Fortress Irbom
The Current Capitol of the Dwarven Kingdom.

The Royal Family
King Morbann Rimatar: Former King of the Dwarves, married to Obak Nish and had 4 children. Died to the Etton Mantoloban. Known for the Artifact Shokmug kol to ashok, a quartz mechanical gear that to this day is the key component to the great gate of Irbom.

King Olim Rimtar: Former King of the Dwarves, known as a fair and wise king. Took reign of his grandfather’s reign as his father had died due to the Vampire Athel (head on Display in the fort museum). Known for his love of chinchilla’s for their fur. Has a pet chinchilla named Tapper who he keeps on his shoulder. Died due to a tunnel collapis killing him, Tapper, and 10 other dwarves

Prince Inod Rimtar, the former heir to the throne of Irbom. Loves tigers for their stripes. Slain by the demon overlord Zycandroma

Idrath Nish: The Elected King when he returned home, with no one to take the throne the people chose him for the Nish family line being connected to the Rimtar Family line, his notable deeds they heard of and him being an all around good guy. He now rules doing his best to keep the fort stable even with the threat of a demon overlord on the horizon.

Notable Families of the Fort
Rimtar Family, the Royal bloodline, sadly wiped out

The Nish Family: Known as the bloodline of the merchants, they are considered semi-noble due to their marriage into the Rimtar family, however a Nish is illegible to be royalty. Respect for their merchant skills.
The Nish Family is now considered the new royal family as the Rimtar family line is gone.

Avuz Family: A Family of well known masons and miners. Famous for Inod Avuz, a warrior woman who slew the demon Gekateka, the Wing’s of Shadow.

Dwarven Religion can vary from fortress to fortress, these are the religions this fort practice

Taloon: The Dwarven God of merchants and travel, seen a portly friendly looking merchant dwarf, he is also known as the fair hand. His followers believe in the practice of hard work, and honest reward and believe its their duty to help others. He is also a popular god among humans who sometimes change his look to that of a portly human.

Armok: The God of war and bloodshed: A very popular god to worship among warriors, said to have created all of life for the dwarves to conquer, many dwarves will show respect to Armok lest he grows angry, he will reward powerful warriors but punish foolishness.