The Nefuan


The Nefuan (“Freed Ones”) were originally summoned demons who fled, killed, or otherwise abandoned their masters. Blood purity and the progression of time have limited the prowess of this race, to the point where “pure bloods” rarely interact with outsiders, leaving the “mutts” to venture into the world and interact with all the races of Today, while the race may be a shadow of its former self, the modern Nefuan are known as adept magic users, merchants, and cunning manipulators.

Physical Description

Nefuan generally don’t look as grotesque or terrifying as their demon progenitors once did, though some genetic traits, such as obesity, muscularity, and height, tend to carry over to some degree. All Nefuan possess some sort of horns on their head, and a prehensile tail.

  • Common Height: 5’4” - 6’2”
  • Common Build: Various. Angular, Muscular, Overweight to name a few
  • Common Eyes: Reds, Magentas, Blues, Greens. Rarely White, Greys
  • Common Hair: Black, White, Red, Purple
  • Common Skin Tone: Reds, Blues, Purples, Pinks

A few various examples: Various Nefuan - Album on Imgur


The very first Nefuan were demons, summoned by various mortal masters to serve their whim. There are numerous ways these demons left their rule - fleeing in the night, killing, bribery, to name a few. As a consequence of their actions, these demons, while still incredibly powerful, were bound to mortal mechanics - they could be pricked, they could grow old, and they could die.

These demons eventually found and intermingled with one another, and produced offspring. Those in turn did the same, and some would even take on mates from other races. Over time, this diluting of the bloodline would lead us to the modern day Nefuan, who are perhaps more comparable to any other mortal race than the demons who started it all.


There has never been a centralized leadership amongst the Nefuan, and any stirrings of one would often prompt conflict amongst their groups. Ironic, because individual power is very important within Nefuan society, both physical and influential. Typically, purer bloods dominate the political scene for this, being stronger, more magical, and longer lived than their more numerous “mutt” counterparts, even if only marginally in many cases. This said, even they cannot hold a candle to what the progenitor race could do. Pure bloods generally don’t associate with the outside world, and there have been documented cases of strife amongst the various blood purities, but never a full out civil war…yet.

It is rare that a Nefuan will worship any of the gods, and due to their nature the Nefuan are likely to curse the gods. It’s more common, particularly amongst purebloods, to venerate their ancestors, the original demons who bore the whole race, and were powerful entities in their own right. The practice can’t really be equated to worship, but blood relations to particular demons can be considered as important as certain royalty claiming divinity by birth.

Many Nefuan have struck out into the world at large, and certain stigmas of the race do tend to still exist. Many uninformed individuals assume all Nefuan are either out for people’s souls, or are great deceivers that use perverted means to get what they want. In truth, the typical Nefuan is no more perverted or nefarious than any other race. One stereotype seems to have worked its way into their consciousness, however - their role as deal-makers, and many Nefuan have become excellent merchants because of this.

Because of their resistances to cold and heat, Nefuan tend to wear whatever types of clothes they want, and will sometimes were mishmashes of clothing styles, from leather boddices, to thick heels, and fur trimmed cloaks. Jewelry is not uncommon, and many female Nefuan will wear special jewelry on their horns.


Lifespan: 150-165 years

Nefuan tend to have a higher affinity for magic than most races, though it’s argued that Elf breeds have a greater mastery over it. Over the years, the Nefuan have found a way to teleport themselves across short distances by forming a brief conduit through the underworld then using it to reappear some distance away. This costs a large amount of mana to accomplish, and even the most experienced Nefuan couldn’t get more than 40 meters without exhausting their entire pool, and even they’d have to take caution and pinpoint where they reappear, lest the exit portal forms in a wall. Nefuan also have little resistance to most magical-based attacks.

Nefuan also have unique resistance to both cold and hot temperatures, however this comes with the caveat that it’s harder for them to accurately gauge temperatures safe for their environment, cooking, and for others around them.

A bit of an thought regarding this. Shadow and I were talking on the server and through that I realized that potentially and suddenly adding a demon summoning mechanic to the game could have a lot of unwanted implications. So, solution to that:

As time progressed, two things happened. 1st, demon summoning became less and less popular as more and more people realized they’d probably get screwed over by whatever they were going to summon. And 2nd, as a direct result of this, a group of demons made an effort to reach the overworld on their own by making a special type of portal. While they succeeded, due to the nature of the portal’s construction, it collapsed in on itself and sent out a ripple effect which prevented mortals from summoning demons, and from demons entering the overworld, ever again.

Amazing the RP and lore ripples that can happen if you’re not careful.

Under Review.

Race Proposal Approved on the condition the age is reduced by 10-20 years

Made that change