The Orc Race

:muscle:Orcs :muscle:

Orcs are tribal and shamanistic humanoids that exert their dominance. Many satisfy their bloodlust by plundering villages, devouring or driving off roaming herds, and slaying any humanoids that stand against them.

:zombie:Physical Description :woman_zombie:

There is no set appearance for the Orcish race as Orcs vary greatly, some heavily resemble humans while others stay much closer to their common ancestor: the troll. At times it is a mix between all of the above and due to their unstable genetics, mutations also play a factor in the Orc form. The few things all Orcs have in common is their sharp, carnivorous teeth and green skin. While uncommon, Orcs can grow hair which could range from unruly, random strings of hair to a full head of it; though most Orcs are bald. Mutations can range from simple face deformations to extra limbs, heads, larger fangs, bulkier builds, gigantism, and dwarfism.

  • Common Height:
  • Male: 6’0”- 8’0”
  • Female: 6’0”- 8’0”
  • Common Build: Stocky and well-built
  • Common Eyes: Red, yellow, green, orange, black
  • Common Hair: Black, grey, white, dark brown
  • Common Skin Tone: Ranges from shades of green to dark brown

:boom:Culture :boom:

Orcs are spiteful creatures with themselves being the primary source for hatred, the god of chaos, makoil only second to their self loathing nature. Orcs normally live in tribes or small hordes, very rarely settling in villages or towns, let alone creating them.
The orcs are a warlike race that is believed to live for the sole purpose of war and while orcs operate on a system of might makes right, not all orcish tribes live for battle.
On the exterior orcs are gruff, hardened, and ready to fight at a moments notice, yet in the privacy of their own homes; an orc can be a kind, loving, and sympathetic being.
They keep this other side hidden due to their hatred for nearly everything else, humans especially.

Humans are hated equally if not more so than their own god, why can humans build, siege, and slaughter their own kin without punishment? Why are humans not called monsters and hunted down? Why are humans the preferred playthings of the gods? Why do they get longer lives?
These questions anger most orcs to their very core.
Orcs almost never worship the gods and instead try to make deals with them like a merchant would at a shop, they will also deface shrines by any means or even make shrines that depict the gods as ugly and cruel, afterall: the orcs hate the gods and the gods hate them.