The Shire

Name: The Shire
*Kingdom (Optional): The Small Peoples Confederation (The SPC)
Owner: WinterCraft147
Members: Salrica, Blue_Wings, KingTurtleIsHere, shadowcreed611, JackPepper147, FireDuck, Bone_Father, and more I can’t remember their usernames.
Location: X: -2801 Y: 63 Z: -2016
Warp (Optional):

A city in progress with hobbit houses, a bar, a hotel with four different buildings, a greenhouse, stables, a witch hut, bakery (with a cafe on top) a building where there’s a bookstore (mainly for decoration) and a cleric’s home, and a church on top. There’s also a castle built by blue wings. A cartographer’s tower and other buildings soon to come. It is located in a large field with these surrounding biomes: Spruce forest, Dark forest, Flower forest, birch and oak forests, a swamp, and some hills in the center. There are also near the bar and some hobbit homes, a large cave converted into an underground market in progress and a little jungle. Said cave also as a mineshaft. In another cave, there are two spawners (skeleton and spider), and this cave connects to the mineshaft/market cave. Finally, the last cave is actually a ravine, that connects to three other ravines within about 50 blocks. Currently in the progress of flattening out the land and rebuilding: the library and KingTurtleIsHere wants to build a bed and breakfast. shadowcreed611 is building nearby.

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