The Tale of the Ender Dragon

The Obsidian Dragon Restivius was born 920 years ago, in the wild unoccupied lands bordering the region of Fae-ruhn. The beast was first seen about 300 years ago, shortly after the Fall of Dansylvania. On its first sighting, Restivius razed the Great City of Eastborne to the ground and devoured its king. After this, it retreated to its den high up in the mountains and demanded nearby kingdoms paid a yearly tribute or be met with the same fate. This den was originally a Red Dragon’s, but Restivius disposed of its former resident with ease.

It was quickly discovered that Restivius was uniquely massive and powerful for even Obsidian Dragons and that it was resistant to most magical weapons. Even today, scholars don’t know why it was so formidable, but a prevailing theory is that the dragon somehow consumed the Nether Gem of Darkness and absorbed its powers, the artifact enhancing its already legendary abilities.

Restivius reigned for around 250 years, terrorizing and often decimating kingdoms and cities that failed to respect its claim. Around 100 years into the dragon’s reign, the Red Hawk Empire, a rising power in the region of Fae-ruhn that had conquered most of the land surrounding Restivius, decided it had taken enough abuse from the beast. When the rest of the nearby states brought their yearly tribute to the dragon, Red Hawk soldiers arrested them and stole the money that had been intended for Restivius. Then the entire Red Hawk military marched on the beast’s den, determined to destroy him for good.

The battle was long but at the end of it all, Restivius remained and not one soldier from Red Hawk was left standing. On the night of this insult to his reputation, Restivius visited every single city and town conquered by the Red Hawk empire and attacked all of them, being sure not to completely destroy any of them. He then attacked the Emperor’s castle itself, burning the entire building to the ground and killing every member of the Royal Family. This event, known as Red Hawk’s Folly, led to the collapse of the empire. After the Folly, Restivius became almost solely referred to as the Ender Dragon after a popular song written about the occasion.

And so the Ender Dragon,
punished the Red Hawk King,
O the Ender Dragon,
a swift end did he bring.

About 250 years into the Ender Dragon’s reign (50 years ago), four noble heroes, each coming from a different background, came together to try slaying the beast while it was in the midst of its hibernation cycle. Their names are still revered to this day: Siegfried the Knight, Leyana the Archer, Lyra the Cleric, and Eraskos the Mage.

  • Siegfried was a young male human Knight who lived by the Knight’s Code of Chivalry and sought to vanquish the Ender Dragon so that the people would be free from its cruelty
  • Leyana was a young female wood elf archer who wanted to avenge her parents, who had been killed in the Ender Dragon’s raid on her clan 10 years prior
  • Lyra Talashta was a middle-aged high elf cleric who practiced Sorism and seeked to cleanse Fae-ruhn of the Ender Dragon, for she believed it had caused too much suffering to the innocents.
  • Eraskos was a senior male half drow mage who was raised by the Mages’ Guild. He primarily practiced necromancy and hoped that slaying the Ender Dragon would grant him more power.

The kingdom of Morene, that had brokered itself a good deal with the Ender Dragon, did not wish to see this good will cease once the Heroes made their attack, so they attempted to halt the Heroes’ advance themselves. Morene’s military itself showed up to guard the Ender Dragon’s den, but once they were at a confrontation, the Heroes managed to convince the soldiers that they could defeat the Ender Dragon.

The Heroes’ ascent up the Ender Dragon’s mountain took 10 days, but at long last they reached the summit, where they found the cave in which the great beast dwelled. The Heroes found the Ender Dragon sleeping atop its hoard and promptly attacked it, which woke it up.

The battle was legendary, and many heroic feats were made. At some point, it seemed the battle was lost for the Heroes, with Morene’s military having been decimated and only the four left standing. They fought on, but at each moment the battle seemed more and more hopeless.

Eraskos the Mage, however, had noticed a small weak spot on the belly of the beast. With a heroic charge, he went to impale the dragon’s stomach with his staff, but the dragon caught onto his plan and easily tossed him aside. It then began torching him with its famed purple acid-fire, something that was unique to the Ender Dragon and made even kings fear it. However, rather than flee, Eraskos the Hero conjured a bone shield and pushed on against the flames, even as they burned the shield up into a crisp, even when they began burning him to a crisp. While the Ender Dragon was distracted, Leyana found its weak spot and Lyra gave Siegfried a burst of speed to dash under the beast and deal the killing blow on its underbelly. And so the Ender Dragon fell, defeated, disintegrating into many billions of tiny black ash rather than leaving a corpse.

Lyra tried saving Eraskos, but even Cecilia’s miracles couldn’t save him at that point. He died there among his friends, a Hero, a Legend, never to be forgotten by the grateful people of Fae-ruhn.

And so the remaining Heroes, our Three Heroes, returned to civilization. Many epic poems and songs were written of the Tale of the Ender Dragon. But the Heroes themselves slowly faded into the background. Siegfried went back to being a knight, while Leyana returned to her clan. Only Lyra remained at large, eventually becoming the High Priest of Sorism in Lyconia.

One last thing to note before ending the Tale of the Ender Dragon: some believe that though the Ender Dragon was killed, perhaps it was not defeated. There have been rumors about horrifically mutated beasts and men alike, bearing some of the features we know the Ender Dragon itself possessed. Most believe these stories to be the wild fantasies and ravings of drunks at taverns. There are some who believe these crazy tales, however, and that the Ender Dragon may rise again some day. They believe that the Ender Dragon didn’t die, but instead changed form: rather than a creature, it is now an infection, which they call the Ender. They call the supposed afflicted “Ender men” or “Ender touched creatures”.