The Xul'kai

"The Disease" / “Tainted Ones” / "The Creep"

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Given a bad reputation for tainting creatures of various lifeforms, these ever-evolving scourge on biological life live in a Hive-mind community with the set goal to drain the mass around themselves to grow and mutate into immortalized beings.

The one thing that is most known about these alien beasts is the secretion they emit from their distorted limbs or wing-like spikes: an odd viscous, dark-purple goo that creeps along the earth and hardens on the surface and inner roots mainly to suck nutrients from local flora and to heal the one spreading it.

They leave no race nor animal out of their pool of advancing up through the fauna and learn from their captives about the different traits of being the top predator of that species.

While currently it is difficult to become one with the Xul’kai, it is not impossible. If one were to be infected, this section would help with understanding them.
Currently there are two playable basic sub-classes to this lore.

Physical appearance:

  • Infestors: Male only || 6’2"-6’5" bipedal humanoids with physical appearance resembling that of its former Race. A half emotionless mask made of wood or metals sits on the face and wraps around to the back of the skull and a set of twisted, infested dripping wings are also a given set.

  • Queens: Female only || 7’4"-7’9" multi-legged mutants with the upper humanoid body of its former Race with an additional set of arms and visor-like mask that sits over the eyes and expands out into a rough spiked crown as well as an armoured arachnid lower body with a whipping spiked tail to match.

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The Xul’kai are biologically neutral when it comes to interactions other races, though with intimidation or aggression from others become very hostile. Especially with intruders or those known to harm their swarm.
:cyclone: Masters of the swarm :cyclone:

The over-bearing voices in the mind of those within the continent, one who bears the mothers of the skittering horde and could ultimately destroy its own brood if times were dire. The Nektrah sees through the eyes of all of its children with the implanted larvae, commanding to spread the very blood of the swarm to grow its empire. Also known as an Overseer/Overmind, this planted twitching mass looms over most tall buildings and burrows the spiked tendrils deep within the earth to hold its firm grip over any life who may wander in too deep.

There were only two Nektrahs in the known world, and only one remains dormant, waiting for revival.

Being in a physical immobile mass among numerous of its brood or planted in the brain of a chosen host, these bone and flesh constructs live to serve the Nektrah or eventually become the Overmind in its stead when the previous perishes. In some rare cases, even becoming a temporary leader of a rising swarm if no Nektrah alive within the continent.

Many cerebrates can live within one strain of Xul’kai, but only one will evolve into the Hive Cluster’s main core.

Acting as commanders of the Nektrah and the Cerebrates, the Hive Mind is dominated by the female insectoid infested known as Queens, Broodmothers, or the highest Tier Empresses. They act as the motherly figures providing eggs, units and structure to the strain both in physical appearance and mental. If there is no Cerebrate or Nektrah present, the Queens will evolve into a higher being to take the hand of the brood.**