TheMamaGoat application

:one: What is your Minecraft in-game username?
:two: How long have you been playing Minecraft?
Gods, years at this point. I think 12 years?
:three: How did you find out about RoleplayCraft?
I used to be staff. My username was SirenAspen, then SirenVale.
:four: Have you ever been banned from another Minecraft Server/Community? If your answer was yes, what was the reason why?
I have not been banned from another Minecraft Server/Community ever.
:five: Have you read our Terms of Service Policy and Community Rules/Guidelines?
I have read the Terms of Service Policy and the Community Rules/Guidelines, and accepted the prompt at the bottom of this post. Yay button clickies.
:six: Desired Race? Human
:seven: Tell us a little bit about yourself? I used to play a Nephilim on RPC years ago, then I was an elf, then I was an Admiral on the oceans map forever ago. I lost touch and was unable to play (at all) for a fair while, but I’m trying to get back into Minecraft and Text-Based RP communities. I’ve missed RPC a fair lot.

Approved, Welcome back.