Theodoric Gainler

Theodoric Gainler

  • Also known as Thor, Theo, Teddy, Theodore, the Exiled Prince

Personal Information:

Theodoric is a 22 year old human male, with some elvish blood from his mother’s side. Though he was born in Wyrr and lived there for his early years, he spent the majority of his life in Midcrest in Anduir. There, he was raised by his grandfather John and his Uncle Malcolm, mostly by his grandfather. From his grandfather he inherited a healthy skepticism of religion, but he does profess to believe in the divines as taught in scripture. He mostly follows Azana, the Leviathan, and Asilio. He is Midcrestian in culture.


Theodoric is a big man. He stands at 6 feet and 4 inches, and is packed with muscle from his years in mercenary service. His hair is a light brown, cropped in short waves against his head. Most distinctly, he inherited bright blue eyes from his father, which seem to sparkle with the electric energy that is the Rando line trademark.


As a young child, Theodoric and his brother believed they were orphans. Their mother had died in childbirth and their father was unknown. Living in Red Rock, they spent their time begging for scraps and playing with the other street urchins, thieving food when they had to. After the arrival of the necromancer and his minions, Theodoric had to watch as his brother strayed too far outside the gates of Red Rock. His brother was captured and eaten alive before his eyes.

A year later, records of his birth mother were uncovered, showing that his father was none other than Rando Gainler (Gallius), who was King of Red Rock. His father quickly adopted him into his family at the news, and raised him as best he could. This reunion was short-lived, however, as the carnage on the continent of Wyrr upended the stability that had held for years, sending his father to his death in the Wyrrian wars. Theodoric lost his birthright which he had only known for a short time. From here, Theodoric went to live with his father’s extended family in Midcrest, an exiled prince.

At his arrival in Midcrest, John noticed that Theodoric had inherited Rando’s affinity for thundermancy, and quickly got him a mage’s tutor. Theodoric didn’t make much of a mage, however, and was more interested in learning the arts of war and combat. In these he excelled, serving as a bodyguard during his late teen years for Malcolm, the King of Midcrest and his Uncle. However, feeling dissatisfied with his role and aiming to live up to the ambition of his father, Theodoric left Midcrest. He became a hired warrior and guild member, traveling and questing wherever he could.

He set off to create his own legend in the lands of Lyconia and beyond…

Characteristics and Personality:

Now, Theodoric works as a mercenary, more for glory than money. He is a noticeably well-educated mercenary, having been raised among kings and the highest echelons of society. His ultimate goal is to surpass the legend of his father, becoming known as his own man to history.

For this reason, pride is likely one of Theodoric’s greatest weaknesses. His ambition, though, should be counted among his strengths.

He dislikes those who aim to be honorable beyond all practicality, though he himself does try to be honorable and honest where he can.

Abilities & Modifiers:

Health: 3

Unique Gear

  • Enchanted armor
    – Theodoric was granted enchanted gear by his cousin, Ed the Enchanter. It is strong and hardy, protecting him against most attacks. It gives him (if allowed by DM) +2 on defense rolls.
  • Malice
    – A sword that was gifted to him at the end of a Val’Darim quest by Alexander. It is particularly sharp, able to cut through even steel if swung hard enough.
  • Iron Shield
    – An iron shield that Theodoric sometimes charges with electric energy.

Abilities: (Warmage Multiclass)

Offensive Skills

  • Trained Slash - 1d20 (No Cooldown) [Default]

  • Lightning Strike [Piercing Ether] - 1d20 (No Cooldown) [Default]

  • Piercing Strike - 1d20+2 (2 Turn Cooldown)

  • Chain Lightning [Shatter Arcana] - 5d20+5 (5 Turn Cooldown)

Defensive Skills

  • Iron Will - +1 HP for self (3 Turn Cooldown)

  • Charged Shield [Ether Shield] - 1d3 for a shield of up to 2 HP for 5 Turns (5 Turn Cooldown)