TheUnderMiner43's Ban Appeal/Apology/Explanation for the X-ray ban that i can recall

Staff Member that Banned you: Omri&Raven

Your Username: TheUnderMIner43

Reason for Ban: X-ray.

Why you should be Unbanned: Explain why you’re punishment was too harsh if you believe it to be so. Was it false? Or have you learned your lesson. Please try to be as heartfelt as possible.
I went to go get food at McDonald’s that is a 30-minute drive from where I live and I found my little brother on my computer and he put an X-ray texture pack on my computer
(i only play with Journeymap mod and Optifine) and was logged on to RPC so I kicked him off my computer and burnt all the stuff that he got with the X-ray and deleted the X-ray texture pack off my computer and changed my computer password and banned him from ever coming into my room ever again so can I plz get unban and ill accept whatever your vision is.
TheUnderMIner43 hunter_hunter
Screenshot: [Screenshot of Punishment here if relevent]

In the hypothetical world where you do have a brother…
a: why would he do such a thing?
b: prove it.

A:I asked him that.
He said he heard me rage quit after i died in the caves and wanted to help.
He normally plays on his computer with X-Ray on his account Ilovesocks4 and only plays single player (he doesn’t know the rules of multiplayer servers)
He remember how to get X-ray on minecraft and so he thought he wouldn’t mind if i help him out get some resources for his game right.
B:i only have my word as i left my phone in my car at the time my hands were full.

can i ask how long i will be baned for?

since you cannot provide any concrete proof, its currently a permban. either find me some proof or try a different story chief.

ok i’ll try to find some proof i really like this community

if i can prove that my brother dose exist dose that count as proof?

I do believe he exists, its just a really poor excuse…
I removed the provided picture due to privacy issues.
that still does not excuse your behavior. considering there is no possible way to currently confirm/deny your actions, let me offer you a deal.
1 week tempban and 2 month probation, any infraction will result in a non-appealable ban.

I agree with the deal that has been put before me. 1-week tempban and 2-month probation.

Reduced to 1 week tempban + 2month probation effective retroactively to the moment of original ban.