Tobias' 'Kiss from a King' Script

Here follows on of the silliest and funniest roleplaying sessions I’ve ever been in. Enjoy @SkittlezdaHusky @faespirit357

MelodyYorik: Tobias starts to warm up his voice

SkittlezdaHusky: Leans on the pillar, watching the man warm up with a hint interest.

MelodyYorik: Tobias does his final preparations

Sir_Viliulfo: *Odrics head peeks out behind a large signboard with interest at the stage.

MelodyYorik: Come one, come all! The performance is about to begin Tobias shouts to the busy market

MelodyYorik: Tobias takes a deep breath and wait for the crowds attention

SkittlezdaHusky: Smiles warmly, long fuzzy ears forward and eyes on the man.

MelodyYorik: tobias begins his music and starts his play

MelodyYorik: Honey, Im home! He shouts

MelodyYorik: HOney?

MelodyYorik: Wait is THIS?

MelodyYorik: A nOtE?

MelodyYorik: he reads it aloud My wIfe

MelodyYorik: HaS Ledt ME?

MelodyYorik: shocks

MelodyYorik: Tobias falls to his knees

MelodyYorik: he screams whaaayyy

MelodyYorik: he stops and quickly runs off stage to change the record

MelodyYorik: he returns

MelodyYorik: I mUst get Revenge

MelodyYorik: He looks down at his arm, where his lines are written in pen

MelodyYorik: I mUSt Kiss her? he reads his hand no kill her!

MelodyYorik: She will not get away with this… loud sigh

Sir_Viliulfo: *Odric quietly chickles to himself

MelodyYorik: *Tobias trips slightly on the carpet moving to the start of the stage

MelodyYorik: mY lOve has gone He carries on

MelodyYorik: Audiance, how should I get my revenege? He asks the crowd

MelodyYorik: Tobias runs to change the record again

SkittlezdaHusky: Cups hands around mouth bang her sister.

Serilynia: Oh my…

MelodyYorik: Tobias holding back laughter Her sister is as ugly as a troll! I’d never stoop so low

MelodyYorik: Anyother suggestions?

99thslayer: A woman strode up the stairs from the docks to the markets, only to be greeted by the sight of the play currently going on.

Serilynia: Ugly girls need love too

MelodyYorik: Tobias looks to the audiance I think I see her ugly sister now! pointing to Skitz Doris is that yOu?

SkittlezdaHusky: Well howdy, i ammm

MelodyYorik: whispering come one stage

Serilynia: giggles

MelodyYorik: Doris your, sister cheated on me!

99thslayer: “The devils is going on?” she whispered to herself.

Sir_Viliulfo: *Odric creeps further behind the sign, not wanting to be called to the stage.

SkittlezdaHusky: Typical of my sister

MelodyYorik: Tobias leans towards how How can we get our revenge?! We need her father to hear about this!

MelodyYorik: Infact

MelodyYorik: I see him now points to Viliufo

Serilynia: watches on in amusment, and eats pie

SkittlezdaHusky: But that is our step father! Back of hand to head our real one is dead!

Sir_Viliulfo: *Odric backpedals away

MelodyYorik: Tobias looks annoyed hes a ghost I guess? Come to us ghost-father

99thslayer: “Is he so deprived of any help that he has to pull people from the audience?” she muttered.

Sir_Viliulfo: *Odric hides from view.

SkittlezdaHusky: A true ghost

SkittlezdaHusky: Tail waggles behind her.

MelodyYorik: He was this involved with us in life too

SkittlezdaHusky: nod nod

MelodyYorik: Tobias shuffles wait…is that my wife I see?!

GoldenDemon_: thanks

MelodyYorik: points to Seri My cheating wife, come to me!

Serilynia: suprise graces her facial features me? Oh… Sweet husband. I had forgotten!

MelodyYorik: How could you do this to me?! tobias says, over acting to all hell

Serilynia: My fair love. You know how my memory waxes and wans

Serilynia: *wanes

SkittlezdaHusky: I like me a man that’s grey

Serilynia: Once you go gray you forget to stay

99thslayer: Sariana couldn’t help herself from chuckling at the bad acting and scripting.

MelodyYorik: He turns to the ugly sister well so do I, I wane you!

MelodyYorik: Tobias turns to Skitz Love me, my looove!

SkittlezdaHusky: I LOVE YOU TOO

MelodyYorik: tobias adjusts his hair

MelodyYorik: Take that my ex-lover!

SkittlezdaHusky: Clings to her new lover

Serilynia: Pie makes everything better. Please, take this pastry as an apology

SkittlezdaHusky: Ohhh pie

MelodyYorik: tobias eats pie quickly wait this pie is poisoned?!

MelodyYorik: he clutches his stomach

SkittlezdaHusky: Eats pie even after seeing the new lover clutch his stomach

SkittlezdaHusky: Well sheet

Serilynia: Oh no! The pumpkin became rotten! Is there a dr in the audiance?

MelodyYorik: dam you ugly and stupid tobias jokes

MelodyYorik: coughing and twitching help…meee

SkittlezdaHusky: Shrugs and dramatically falls over, clenching chest

Serilynia: There to the right of the stage! I see a dr!

Serilynia: points at 99thslayer

MelodyYorik: eats another bite

99thslayer: Sariana held up her hands slightly and shook her head. “I desire no part in this sinking ship.”

SkittlezdaHusky: Tries to sneak bites of the pie cause it good

MelodyYorik: finished pie I am a doomed man…

Serilynia: tis poor manner to ignore your patients

SkittlezdaHusky: And you call…me…stupid

SkittlezdaHusky: Has pie smothered on face as her head rolls to a side.

MelodyYorik: tobias falls to the floor next to the ugly sister

MelodyYorik: Dont judge me

Serilynia: HEre, I shall give you wings to lift your spirit

MelodyYorik: atlast! he cries Im free!

MelodyYorik: I feel the poison lifting he cries

99thslayer: She lowered her head in embarrassment and shook it slightly.

SkittlezdaHusky: Cant control her tail as it wags from keeping in her laughter

Serilynia: No, i think that you are dying… Be free and head into the light

MelodyYorik: But wife I must ask, before I die, who did you cheat on ME with! tobias says calmly

Serilynia: Um… let me think…

Serilynia: Oh, yes… It was definitely a family member… your brother

MelodyYorik: tobias pretends to be shocked

MelodyYorik: You mean after all this time!

MelodyYorik: But wait…

Serilynia: It’ s less adulteress if they are half you

MelodyYorik: Tobias thinks this over I suppose you’re right my love

Serilynia: Family always comes first

Sir_Viliulfo: *Odric watches on, completely lost

Serilynia: “Family always comes first”

MelodyYorik: Here my wifes take these cookies as an apologise passess out cookies

SkittlezdaHusky: Wait, you had cookies

Serilynia: Wives! I thought I was your only one!

MelodyYorik: whispering yes?

MelodyYorik: Looks beween you both

MelodyYorik: I thought you KNEW?!

99thslayer: “I thought those two were dying…”

MelodyYorik: (I wish)

SkittlezdaHusky: Crams a cookie into her mouth, canines sticking out before rolling over in death

MelodyYorik: HahaHahHAha He laughs These cookies have raisens in them!

Serilynia: stifles laughter

Sir_Viliulfo: *feels this family is awfully homicidal.

99thslayer: Having had enough with the show, Sariana turned around to leave the marketplace.

MelodyYorik: Tobias runs off and plays another record

MelodyYorik: My wife I have a secret…I mus confess

MelodyYorik: must*

Serilynia: YEs, m’dear?

SkittlezdaHusky: Just lays there, cookie in mouth as she stays dead

MelodyYorik: I am not who I say I am… He pauses

Serilynia: looks him over Than you are you?

MelodyYorik: I am a…vampire! He lunges and tries to bite her

99thslayer: Remember when you could have a race next to your name?

SkittlezdaHusky: yeah

99thslayer: Wonder what happened to that…

Sir_Viliulfo: Plugin change I think.

SkittlezdaHusky: i think we’re getting that back

MelodyYorik: tobias stops and that was Act 1 of 6, return in 30mins for the next part!

MelodyYorik: He bows

SkittlezdaHusky: The cookie moves as she eats it before holding up a hand in a wave

SkittlezdaHusky: The cookie moves as she eats it before holding up a hand in a wave

Sir_Viliulfo: “Act 1 of 6? That was only 1/6th? Is this how all plays are?” He mutters to himself.

Serilynia: bows

MelodyYorik: Tobias carries on bowing thank you, thank you

Sir_Viliulfo: *An explosion of multicolored lights covers the lantern on the stage

99thslayer: Sariana, meanwhile, was already in the process of walking off. Why she hasn’t already done so is known only to the person behind the keyboard.

SkittlezdaHusky: rolls around, pushing herself up in one motion and wags her tail.

MelodyYorik: tobias leaves the stage

MelodyYorik: tobias thanks his actors you two were amazing, you should join my travelling troop!


That got me quaking :joy:

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Now THIS killed me @faespirit357 @SkittlezdaHusky

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