Torgan Character Sheet

Name: Torgan

Race: Dworc
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Nationality: Dansylvanian

Appearance: Torgan is 4’4" tall, with a stocky, muscular build. He has ruby eyes and ginger hair. For hairstyle, see the skin. His skin is an emerald green. For clothing, see the skin.
He carries a shield and sword on his back. On his belt he has four handaxes.

Occupation: None
Education: No formal
Strengths: Strength, Endurance
Weaknesses: Proud, violent nature
Likes: Violence, stars, smithing, herbalism
Dislikes: (Thunderstorms, Clouds, Rain) cause they block out the stars, rats
Hobbies: Astronomy, smithing, herbalism, astrology
Phobias: Nether, End, bats
Values: Endurance, Pacifism*, Healers**, actions over words
Flaws: Pride, overly aggressive, bloodthirsty
Mental Stability: He is an orc and Dwarf combined, what do you think?

*Torgan respects those who use a pacifist approach, since they put in the effort to avoid and supplant violence.
**Torgan also respects those who heal people instead of harming them.