I come to request a bit of an update to the server management systems. I feel like there is little transparency for ban reasons and I think having a section of either the forums or discord server devoted towards reporting bans with possible evidence/reasoning would be good. Banned players being able to see why they were banned with evidence included would foster increased transparency between the staff team and the playerbase. Furthermore, an open ban log would be beneficial for the staff team to collect evidence from multiple players should the time/cause call for it.

Of course, players who immediately join the server and shout a slur in global would not get this privilege. I believe this should be for those with citizen+.

There’s probably a better way to word all of this, of course, but my tired college brain is not allowing for that tonight. See you soon. <3


to answer in one word: Transparency!

I do fully support making the process public, to an extent.

I do have two concerns that i’d like to resolve with the rest of the staff team and the community first:

  1. Privacy:
    What worries me most, and the main reason for me why we should keep the logs behind closed doors is for privacy sake.
    sometimes the nature of certain bans and events may exceed the “regular” server rules into a bit more of a legal shenanigans area (for example, explicit situations which may or may not involve people who are not capable of consent, people in emotionaly vulnerable situations and the list goes on).

  2. Brigading
    Another bit of concern of mine would be not to turn a simple griefer ban into a circlejerk of people looking for blood. as it turns out, social creatures tend to form cliques, which could turn (and I’ve seen it several times) into a “ban brigade” (slippery slope arguments are bad, I know)

I do propose a slight compromise to your suggestion: The ranks of Lord and above may be privy to full extent of the logs in cases which do not involve explicit matters, mainly due to privacy concerns.

to sum up my thoughts on the matter:

Thanks for getting back so quickly, I gave it a little more thought and definitely do agree with most of what you are putting down.

If a ban is stepping into legal territory, of course it should be kept private between the staff team and the involved party or parties, I completely understand that.

In terms of the clique issue, bans should be handled exclusively between the accused and the accuser/staff team, of course if players who were close to a banned player have evidence, then they may send the evidence they have to the accused and the accused may present the evidence themselves. Perhaps all ban logs will be locked except for those accused? Furthermore, if a player breaks the rules and is banned for it, and other players choose to break the rules because someone is banned for breaking the rules, then those are separate cases entirely and should, in most cases, be handled as separate cases. Broken rules = broken rules whether it’s done in retaliation or not.

Finally, I still believe ban logs for citizens+ should still be done (explicit matters excluded, of course) since citizens have the same rights and server presence as ranks above them. I have seen some citizens/nobles do worlds more for the community than lords/elders, so why should we give them less transparency? Ban logs obviously don’t have to contain much, simply a date of ban, length of ban, and perhaps a screenshot or chat log of what they were banned for. Hell, it could also only be logged for “permanent” bans (appealable, of course).

Furthermore, if it is required to have a forum account to get Citizen, then half the battle is already there and putting up ban logs on the forums would be easy to access. Everyone who gets banned as citizen+ has the tools they need to build their case/see why they were banned.