Viessa Aravalur [Retired Character]

Viessa Aravalur
Nicknames: Vie

Personal Information
Race: Merfolk
Age: Twenty
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Nationality/Ethnicity: Water-Fae
Creed: Secret

Viessa Aravalur stands around 5’0. Her skin is largely smooth and pale, and her hair is a shimmering pink, kept long and hanging in beautiful curls that fall at chest height. She speaks softly in a voice of moderate tone and depth.

Her favored Trident is with her at all times etched with beautiful symbols and calligraphy.

Height: 5’0" (152cm)
Weight: 55kg (121lbs)
Hair: Shimmering Pink, Long and Curly
Eyes: Soothing Lilac Color
Clothing: 2 Piece Top and Gown
Mannerisms: Polite, Shy until Comfortable
Scars/Injuries: None
Voice: Soft, Moderate tone & depth

Family and Friends
Siblings: None
Extended Family: Unknown
Children: None
Alliances: Unknown (does not know of any alliances or guilds thus far in her adventures!)

She is modest, sincere,curious and cheerful and perhaps a little lonely. She was born into a devout and noble family in an important village. She lived free of worries until she was about 18 years old, but at that point life changed for her. She became a travelling cleric and was growing up fast. With the support of great parents, she enjoyed life in an ever changing world. With her charm and wits, there is nothing stopping her from reaching her full potential. But who really knows what will happen; she is currently enjoying the world and its beauty. She feels like there is more to explore in this world. Luckily she has amazing parents and companions to support her.

Characteristics and Personality
Occupation: Cleric {Domain of Nature}

Education: She is well educated her family were acolytes and assisted in many rituals and medicinal remedies. They taught her the clerical skills she needed to become a true Cleric in the domain of nature offering her services to the Goddess Hahranah.

Strengths: She can carry a maximum 195lbs before tiring. She can speak in Common, Aquan and some Elvish Dialect. She can wield Tridents and Light Crossbows and wear medium to heavy armor and shields. She is better suited to travel and combat in water than on dry land. She can do some moderate casting to aide her allies and counter her foes.

Weaknesses: Less mobile and able to effectively suppress combatants on dry land.

Likes/Hobbies/Values: She likes practicing her spells and combat skills. Some of her hobbies are gardening and dabbling in alchemical potions. She values compassion and loyalty above all else.

Dislikes/Phobias: She dislikes and fears the undead.

Fatal Flaws: Unknown

Skills: History, Insight, Nature, Persuasion, Religion, Medicine

Dreams/Long-term Desires: Unknown

Mental Stability: Currently Stable, has no afflictions

Secrets: Unknown