Viscus Cruor

Character Name: Viscus Cruor
Race: Mutant
Age: 37
Gender: Male

Class: Necromancer (Reflavored)
Dark Strike - 1d20 (No Cooldown) [Default]
Animate Undead - 1d20 Roll to animate an undead ally (3 Turn Cooldown)
Leeching Touch - 1d20 to restore 1 HP (4 Turn Cooldown)
Everlasting Blood - 1d20 to restore an undead ally’s HP (3 Turn Cooldown)
Soulbound - 1d20 to self-revive (5 Turn Cooldown)

Sexuality: Asexual
Nationality/Ethnicity: Lyconian
Religion: Bernoleth, The Deep Flesh

Appearance: Pale and sickly, with face covered by multiple red, glowing and bulbous eyes, all covered by a simple, faded yellow robe tied off at the waist with rope. The robe covers his face.
Height/Weight: 5’11
Hair: Length, Colour, Styling: Balding, Black, greasy, long, and falling out
Eyes: Red
Commonly Worn Clothing: Robe
Scars/Injuries: None
Voice Accent, Tone, Volume, Slang Usage: The closest comparison would be G-Man from the Half-Life series
Family and Friends: None (as of yet)

Alliances: None (As of yet)
Backstory: Originally a magical researcher for the Monroe Institute for the Arcane simply named Robert, he was put in charge of researching the positive possible effects of Blood Magic, But it all took a dark turn when the military took an interest. They forced their grubby hands into the project, wanting to know if Blood Magic could be used to make alchemical mutant super soldiers, and it could, oh it could. He used his knowledge of blood magic to make these soldiers, but they soon went rabid, and his project was cancelled, but not before he was kicked out.

During this time was when he heard The Calling, The Calling of The Deep Flesh. It was a joyous call, and one Gladly answered. You see, after many sleepless and stressful nights with harsh deadlines at the hands of the military, Robert was slowly going mad. The Deep Flesh gifted him a new name, one he gladly wore. Viscus Cruor.

The Deep Flesh slowly started to warp his body, turning his skin sickly and pale, later on down the line he would soon experiment on himself as well. At first he could hide the mutations, but soon the Institute found out. They thought him a lunatic, and kicked him to the curb, but they forgot one thing. Viscus’s hidden research notes.

With his newfound freedom, He took to the slums, where his mutations weren’t the most uncommon thing, and started his experiments. But all too soon, even there he was found out and kicked out into the wilderness, where he presides currently in shame.

Characteristics and Personality: Upbeat, Cheerful
Education: College Learned/Self-Taught
Strengths: Great Evil Laugh, Works well with minions or fellow Evil-Doers.
Weaknesses: Do-Gooders
Likes/Hobbies/Values: Book collecting, Meat, evil, new and interesting magic.
Dislikes/Phobias: Cleanliness
Fatal Flaws: Forgetful, Hubris.
Skills: Dark Magic, Blood Magic, Daggers
Dreams/Long-term Desires: Summoning his Lord and Savior Bernoleth into the material plane.
Mental Stability/Lack of: None. He’s as insane as an entire madhouse.
Secrets: Was once human.