Whispers Of The Forest

Welcome whisperer, we are protectors of Nature, Wildlife and The Fae Dominion. We are skilled in the ways of Alchemy, Agriculture, Ranged and Melee combat. We are quick to learn new ways as well. We are harmonious with the world around us.

:sunflower: Are you Interested in becoming a Whisperer of the Forest? :sunflower:

  • Reply with your IGN name/ Character name
  • What skills you can bring to the Whisperers
  • Any Race can join!
  • Any level of experience can join!

Out of Character Context:
Creating this guild to be something more than just a guild. We will be Aspiring to create and hold Roleplay Events and Quests alongside your every day minecrafting. This is also to generate more of a community for the whole of the server and the Fae Dominion!
If interested Please seek out IkovRaven for more details!

:ear_of_rice: Happy Minecrafting! :ear_of_rice: