Minecraft Username: JackPepper147

Preferred Race: skyfolk

Discord Username (if applicable): !Pepper#7173

Have you read the community rules and agree to follow them?
yes i have read the rules and understand them
How did you hear about this server?
heard about it from a friend
Tell us a little about yourself: i am boy,i am 16 i have black hair, i wear glasses

Welcome to the Server Pepper! Hope your wifi works! Approved!

Hi my in game usernames are skylord_edo and Grimwald is my alt account.

I’ve been playing minecraft for over atleast 8 years.

I found out about RPC from planetminecraft’s website.

I only stick to 1 server at a time and i’ve never been banned before.
I have read our Terms of Service Policy and our Community Rules/Guidelines.
Desired race for Grimwald is to be Merfolk.
Grimwald is my alternate account which I like to use for roleplay purposes only, I rarely build and craft with this character as I prefer to do so with my main character.

Approved! Welcome again! lol

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