Name: Wintercrest
Kingdom (Optional): N/A (at the moment, at least)
Owner: SeerSorin
Members: TBA
Location: 3234 / 68 / -3059
Warp (Optional): /warp Wintercrest (already active!)

IC Information:

City Lore

The previously unknown and desolate town has begun to show it’s face to the Fae-lands. What once was a blizzard encompassing the town for safety has dulled into a soft, permanent snowfall with the occasional hail.

Wintercrest has several buildings ranging from an Inn or a Clinic to the Church of the Twin Gods or the Grand Library. Previously empty, these buildings are now manned by several people ranging from Lizardfolk to Ceetak.

Arsia can be seen as the metaphorical “leader” of Wintercrest, having direct ties to the past and the founders of the village. She puts down the rumors as nothing but rumors, there’s “no way she’s linked to the dragons”, but she does call herself as having the “qualities of a dragon”.

Here are a few of the fine establishments you will find at Wintercrest!


  • Tavern - Come get a drink! Qualities are always among the 5 stars!
  • Inn - Stay in a room, only about 10GC a night with one night free every four nights!
  • Clinic - As long as you are a tax-paying citizen, the clinic usage is free. If you are not a citizen, there is a 25 GC fee if you are able to pay to keep the clinic running. This is not mandatory and will not place you in debt.
  • Bank - Store your items or money here to help the economy of the town!
  • Market - Get a market stall or house to sell your items at! There is no cut taken by the town.

The town mainly follows the Twin Gods, see more here: The Twin Gods - Imross and Vakiir

OOC Information:

Building Prices

Building Size/Type Price
Large Townhouse 500 GC
Normal Townhouse 250 GC
Small Townhouse 100 GC
Large Shop 750 GC
Normal Shop 500 GC
Small Shop 250 GC
Market Stall 100 GC

The furnishing cost is 25 GC.


There is an OOC tax to make sure you are an active player! There are few exceptions to the tax rule. If you are unable to pay your tax, as long as you are online you get an extra three days to make the money. Keep in mind you can vote to get 50 GC three times a day.

Building Size/Type Price every two weeks
Large Townhouse 25 GC
Normal Townhouse 15 GC
Small Townhouse 5 GC
Large Shop 50 GC
Normal Shop 40 GC
Small Shop 30 GC
Market Stall 15 GC

If your rent is up and you do not pay, your house will be repossessed. Your important goods (lore items, ores, nothing like wood or cobble or tools unless they are enchanted) will be held in the bank for one week for reclaiming, but if that date passes that your goods will be sent into the town depository, and there will be no guarantee you will get the goods back.