Winter's Character Profile

Character Name: Winter

  • Name(s) and Titles Empress of Teikoku
  • Nickname(s) or Alter-Egos: N/A

Personal Information:

  • Race: Changeling
  • Age: Mental/Physically: Mentally: 30 Physically 19
  • Gender/Lack of Gender: Female
  • Sexuality/Lack of Sexuality: Straight
  • Nationality/Ethnicity: Nordic, Shotojin, Teikokujin
  • Religion/Lack of Religion: Draconism


  • Height/Weight 5’ 1" and 165lbs
  • Hair: Length, Colour, Styling: Long wavy red hair that looks like fire in the sunlight.
  • Eyes: Colour, Glasses: Blue eyes, no glasses.
  • Commonly Worn Clothing: Kimonos, and samurai clothing, as well as a few other feudal japan clothing.
  • Physical Mannerisms: She rubs her forehead a lot out of habit, and often hugs her husband’s arm and hides behind him.
  • Scars/Injuries: scars on her legs and chest
  • Voice: Accent, Tone, Volume, Slang Usage: Accent is Japanese, usually a kind tone, but sometimes commanding… low to mid-volume most of the time, loud when commanding, and some Spanish as Japanese and English have very similar pronunciations.

Family and Friends:

  • Father: 冬丸 (Fuyumaru) - Samurai General from Shoto. Noble status - deceased.
  • Mother: Astra - Nordic woman with red hair - deceased
  • Siblings:N/A
  • Extended Family: N/A
    *Husband: Shadow (shadowcreed611)
  • Children: Jackpepper147
  • Alliances: Groups or Individuals: N/A

Her parents met during a political trip to a nordic village and fell in love… Astra moved to Shoto with 冬丸. Winter was born in a cold December. She was raised in Shoto as a noble, and when the Emporer was of age, he chose her as his wife. She later convinced her husband to use the Shadowmelder’s in war instead of killing them. This is her way of saving Corr’horn’s children as best as she can, while still hiding her actual religion.

Characteristics and Personality:
Typically quiet and laid back, humble, but can be very commanding. Doesn’t like to be the center of attention.

  • Occupation: Empress of Shoto and the ninja guild.
  • Education: Economics, a little politics, weaponry, a few languages.
  • Strengths: Trained as an assassin, and is “So beautiful men doubt whether they should kill her” which she takes advantage of when fighting.
  • Weaknesses: Often doubtful
  • Languages English, Spanish, Japanese
  • Likes/Hobbies/Values; Swordsmanship, drawing, writing, singing,
  • Dislikes/Phobias: Spiders, and death.
  • Fatal Flaws: Sometimes too prideful and untrusting
  • Dreams/Long-term Desires: To rid the world of Corr’horn, and expand shoot to a certain point and have everyone live happily.
  • Mental Stability/Lack of: When very upset about something personal, there is little stability, but this is never in front of anyone but her family.
  • Secrets: She actually worship’s Corr’horn, and doesn’t want to kill him.

Extra Questions: Use these to inspire you to create a fully realized character!

  1. What is your character’s one item they cannot live without?: wedding ring, katana (gifted from her husband), and panda ear headband.
  2. What is in their way in life?: A bit luxurious but tries to be humble, dutiful, and some fighting.
  3. How has this character developed within the last few years?: She was very naive in the past, and as time passes she has become less and less naive.
  4. What matters most to your character?: Truth, and the happiness of her people and family.
  5. What’s your character’s type or archetype?:
  6. If you could describe your character in one sentence, what would you say?: A young empress with some experience who’s doing a pretty good job at ruling if she were to say so herself.
  7. What would break your character mentally?: Losing her family and empire
  8. Who influenced your character the most?: Her Husband

Roleplay Modifiers

  • Health:
  • Unique Gear: katana
  • Abilities:
  • Special Skills:
  • Offensive Skills:
  • Defensive Skills:
  • Utility Skills: