Wood Elves

:elf:Wood Elves :elf:

Wood elves are a more reclusive race of elves, preferring to live in such areas as deep forests. They place more emphasis on strength than learning. Wood elves are considered by other elven races to be boisterous and hedonistic. They have a zest for life and pleasure.

:herb:Physical Description :herb:

Wood Elves are the naturalistic counterpart to High Elves. They find their bodies blessed with the tones of the earth, featuring thin features and the standardized elongated ears. They are capable acrobatics, and possess a moderate strength, hardened by the forests they reign from.

  • Common Height: 6’3” to 7’1” (191-216 cm)
  • Common Build: Comparable to High Elves; Lithe
  • Common Eyes: Amber, Jade, Blue, and Gray
  • Common Hair: Pale Blonde, Light Brown, Ginger, Raven
  • Common Skin Tone: Copper, Deeply Tanned

:bow_and_arrow:Culture :bow_and_arrow:

Wood Elves are extremely respectful in their treatment of all living creatures, believing they should be the investigators of any possible threat to the natural cycle of life. They will fearlessly protect their heartlands, utilizing their intense knowledge of the floral and fauna, as well as their connection with magic and deadly precision, to overpower their foes.

:sparkles:Mechanics :sparkles:

Lifespan: 190 to 240 years

Like most elves, Wood Elves are very proficient with their usage of magic and knowledge they accumulate during their growth throughout the years. They are able to charm animals, fletch deadly arrows, and cast intense spells. However, they are not a naturally strong race. In fact, their body structure promotes the idea that they are best striking from afar. Any deliberate, close-quarters combatant with a keen eye can often outwit an Elf in hand-to-hand combat. While also being skilled practitioners of magic, they lower their resilience to magic. This allows them their large mana pools, but also will devastate them from an equally skilled master of arcana.

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