Name: Yeetopia
Kingdom (Optional): The Short Peoples’ Confederation [The Shire & Yeetopia]
Owner: Mayor Eaton, a villager NPC
Members: Salrica (Brewmaster/Guard Captain), enderwolf616 (Witch Doctor), Filthy_Lizard (Smith), RandoTheG (Food Critic), Sir_Viliulfo (None), hetona_chan (Baker), Brentenken (Traveling Merchant), Omri (Holy Squid Priest), WesEasterntide (Guard/Shipwright)
Location: 3305, 67, -2385
Warp (Optional): No warp yet

A small, slowly expanding town in the Great Expanse. Message Salrica if you’d like to join, we have plenty of space and are still heavily under construction. We have a fortress for Donny McGee, our resident zombie-villager-baby-chicken-jockey. We are currently constructing walls, and we also have the Shortstack Highway leading to the Shire, Rocktop, Port Rengall and the Defenders Guild.

Announcement from Mayor Eaton:

Following the Val’Darim raids across Lyconia, we will begin the construction of town walls and start hiring a guard force.

A super-beacon has been established in Idrath’s Keep, the outer palisade and inner walls have been completed, and the half-orc ex-general Lazarus Flint has been recruited as the Guard/Military Captain.

We now have a warp! /warp Yeetopia to get here :slight_smile: