Yet another firey Odlegly speech, this time with potential player interaction

Lyconia. Bustling as usual. Trading hub of the continent and all her powers. The half elf Odlegly, already not a stranger to public oration as such, comes into the square, market, or whoever will take him to hear his words:

"People of the world! The kings and queens have proven once again they are not your friends! First it was the power grab of the four candidates without Icemark’s consent. Then, the queen of Faerin seized the village just bordering Wintercrest in the chaos of a Val’Darim attack! The rulers of these lands have shown that the only times they care for their people is in care of themselves!

"We are at war with a threat that could destroy our very existence, and yet here these people are, squabbling like songbirds over a berry, but their beaks are the armies and the berries are the villages and their people.

"A strong, central leadership is necessary for systems as large as these, but strength does not come from corruption. These leaders have proven they believe the two are one in the same, using these raids to their advantage to further divide the people amongst themselves. Need I remind you that it was the adventurers, travelers, and citizens of the world who have thus far put the greatest effort into pushing back the barbaric Val’Darim thus far?

“Put your faith in each other, and NOT in the hands of kings and queens. They’d sooner crush it if it served their needs.”

Satisfied, Odlegly looked to the crowd that inevitably formed, waiting if anyone was to say anything, heckle, or otherwise.

an Armored figure makes their way before the crowd.

“and so the lies and deceit are being sewn I see…”
“You would spread rumors and lies of father despite you having done barely any work to hold back the Val’Darim, clearly you posses much better leadership qualities compared to father who has been actively pushing the val’darim back and amassing forces to defend against them, but nay! the half elf wishes to destroy any potential peace between the Empire and Dominion! I have been actively hunting and acting as a one man army for too long, half elf. Put in the work or stay quiet lest you get involved with something much greater than you. And for those listening to his lies and deceit, was it not Thiele who gathered everyone to take back wintercrest? was it not Thiele who led the charge? listen not to this blasphemer… for it seems somewhere out there, a village has lost it’s idiot.”

“It was originally Faerun’s plans to liberate and return the village to the empire and yet, people like that half elf cost us not only money but a potential alliance to take out the greater threat! SHAME UPON YOU FOR ACTING WITHOUT THINKING! an alliance will be far more difficult due to your actions and any further involvement could lead to consequences, half elf.”

after their ‘speech’ the armored figure would disperse from the crowd

Ed, the Enchanter, wanders through the market and chances upon the rambling man. He heckles once loudly,

“Ha, it’s that fool from Wintercrest!”

before listening further to what the man was saying. After he has heard enough, he speaks loudly enough for the man and masses to hear his reply.

“What corruption have you seen, man? I have seen naught of it! Only that strong leadership that you say is necessary but are too blind to see!”

Ed points in the direction the armored man left to after giving his own rambling response,

“Men, or things I suppose, like that are what are holding the Val’Darim back! Soldiers, warriors, golems sent by the Empire and the Praetorians are holding the Val’Darim back! You and your cowardly words are a stake aimed for the heart of our efforts.”

Ed pauses to breath, taking in the crowd.

“You claim we fight for advantage, but what advantage have we gained? We have lost, we have fought, and we have regained only what was taken. You, man, are a fool lost in your own pretension. Go home and stay there!”

Ed shakes his head, and wanders off to buy bulk amounts of leather.

Odlegly simply smiles, and continues from their words.

“You see! Yea the people who speak up but are too afraid to stay! They believe that a man speaking his opinion in public forum is a sin, for that is how tight the grip their leaders keep upon them! I have not talked of rebellion, have I? I have not talked about doing evil things, have I? I have not suggested slaughtering people, and if any of you are thinking on that, leave now, and reconsider your heart and mind. A people who are too afraid to speak out and so encouraged to speak against as such is not one ruled by love and security, but of fear!.”

The wood-elf Nisserie would stand near the back of the crowd listening to the one named Odlegly’s words, stumbling back feeling dismayed and filled with anger at the words he has spoken about the Fae and her Queen.

She would hastily write a note and send it to the Queen about the scene taking place in the town they went to help against the Val’Darim. A waiting the Queen’s response she would agree with the other gentlemen’s remarks against the man lashing out at those who helped defend the town from further harm.