Yokai Race Proposal

:ghost: Lore: :ghost:

In the old times, even before Corr’horn was killed for the first time; this god, after being wounded during one of the attempts to kill him, disguised as a human and got into a pond to wash his wounds. From the water of the pond (that was mixed with Corr’horn’s blood) lots of yokai started emerging. In the beginning, as Corr’horn’s blood was so pure, very evil, and powerful yokai were born, these yokai’s however, were either exorcised or sealed in what is called ‘Yokai Mon’ or ‘Yokai gate’ by exorcists that settled at Yokai district, in Shoto.

The gate was also built at the yokai district, close to the pond, so if any powerful yokai is born again, the exorcists will seal it immediately. These exorcists have the role of sealing too powerful yokai, but they also have a strict rule, to bring up every yokai they either catch emerging or find.

:ghost: Appearance: :ghost:

There are three main subspecies of yokai:

Human: Due to the fact that Corr’horn was a human when he got into the pond, that’s why they can’t change their appearance to other humanoid races. These yokai tend to be playful and pranksters. They can also equally be good or evil. Females in this subspecies are between 5-6 feet tall, and males 6-7 feet tall. They are very health-oriented and take care of their figure in order to be skinny. Some wear masks, some do not.

Monster: As Corr’horn’s evilness is so dense in his blood, these can be reflected in yokai’s physical form; they tend to be closer to his blood. These Yokai tend to be evil, but there can be good ones. These tend to be a height of about 9 feet tall. Many are Dragonoid (think lizardfolk with wings), many are not. Their weight varies from their shape.

Animal: This yokai subspecies formed from the water’s least contaminated. They’re very kind and tend to be disguised as a reptile such as lizards, snakes, and small dragons, or humanoid animals. Other species of reptiles can be seen in these yokai as well, and other animals, but are much rarer. This species is the most likely to be the good yokai.

They can only turn into one of those three. However, their spiritual form is like a small floating ball of fire. The colors of the fire define their personality. The deeper the color the stronger it is.

Red is the evilest and purple is the most good-willed. Red and orange are evil, yellow and green are playful, and blue and purple are good. There are also mixtures of personality where orange and red personality yokai will have yellow flames mixed in, and blue and purple yokai will have green mixed in. This gives them a playful side, but mainly good. A yellow and green yokai is in the middle, and if they’re closer to goodwill they’ll have blue flames, and closer to evil will have orange flames.

The final form they all have is an object. The limited size of this, however, is the estimated size of a human for the biggest, and the smallest is a tall vase. They can also possess things, no smaller than the vase, but the larger it is, the less time they can possess it. For example A small item they can possess for hours. A giant item, say a house, only for a few seconds.

:ghost: Mechanics: :ghost:

In order to possess things, it takes minutes to hours to possess, depending on the size, the smaller the faster. As for changing forms between spirit, object and human/monster/animal takes minutes to days (minutes for object form depending on size, and days for creature form) of hell-like pain and torture that’d kill most creatures, and so they rarely ever change from they’re spiritual or creature form.

Animal yokai: can be humanoids with animal tails, eyes, and ears, or an actual animal. They cannot choose or switch between either. These yokai are very intelligent, and fast, but are almost always passive. They do have healing abilities that can only be used once a day to heal minor things, or once a month to heal major things, and once a year to heal life-threatening things. They cannot do a life-saving heal and then a major heal at the same time. Only 12 major heals or one 1 life-saving heals a year.

Monster yokai: do not learn skills, but instead are brutally strong, or have an Asian myth trait about them. Examples: no eyes, a mouth in the back of their head that likes to eat things (if a humanoid monster), Oni (Japanese orc) these yokai are pretty unintelligent though, and no faster than an average human or slower.

Human yokai: can learn human skills and magic but are less adept than humans themselves. They are more intelligent than the monster species but less than the animal. They’re practically right in the middle of the two listed above on everything.

Yokai themselves have no special traits other than changing into those three forms and the limited (and painful) possession process. If a yokai is caught by another creature during the possession process, they will stop, and hide, and will have to start over. The bigger the item, the less time it can possess the item. The transformation is also the same as a changeling’s. Painful, and if interrupted, will have to restart.

The more powerful the yokai, good or evil, or playful, the more likely the yokai can fall gravely ill and die, as well as take longer to heal. In general, however, yokai are a very sickly species.

Yokai in their spiritual form is visible to everyone, but they cannot affect the physical world in this form.

A yokai can die in four ways, two of them are considered “murder”:

  1. Exorcism - priest, ninja, or wizard needed for this
  2. Killing their physical form
  3. Illness
  4. Old age (at this point the yokai don’t actually die, as spirits are immortal, but their flame becomes extremely small, and all they can do is wander the world and observe. Very few make it this far.

:ghost: Culture: :ghost:

Human and animal yokai tend to live in groups of their own kind. Humans in cities with either themselves or a city with actual humans. They tend to mimic humans. Animals will live in the forest as clans, no matter what animal they take form as. Animal yokai also tend to live with those in spirit form, no matter the age. However, they only stick with their personality traits.

Monster yokai tend to live alone. Humanoid monsters enjoy hunting down and trying to trick young children to come to them. The rest live in caves and forests.

Young yokai are kept under close watch by exorcists, and naturally at the age of 13 are forced to change into their creature and then object form by their body. After they complete this they are considered an ‘adult’ and are treated to no mercy when it comes to the village or household chores when it comes to inability. Many die from being forced to do tasks they cannot complete at their age. And unfortunately, this is not too much different from their normal lives with their own kind, but it’s at least a little bit easier.

:ghost: This racial lore was created by Shadow and Winter. Mostly Shadow. :ghost:

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