Zora Lunnae

Art: Friend and I
Character Name:

Name: Zora Luunae
Title: The book worm/Daughter of the Council
Nickname(s): Zenne, “Z”

Personal Information:

Race: Lupian (Wulfe)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: ???
Nationality/Ethnicity: Ral’anath Dynasty/Northern (Omri’s village)
Location: ???
Religion: Druidism (No god)


Height: 6’5"
Weight: 189 lbs
Hair: Long, Curly dark-rusted hair done in a braided pony with messy bangs.
Eyes: Frosty blue
Fur colour/pattern: Cinnamon Rust Siberian Husky
Commonly Worn Clothing: Wolf/Owl mask, elaborate robes and tunics, baggy pants, and armour on her left arm. (Shoulders, arm and gloves.)
Physical Mannerisms: Clings to staff as if it is a cane.
Scars/Injuries: Scarred toes, ankle and arms/limp in right foot. Tattoos along neck and thigh in Lupanic tradition.
Voice: Stoic, but trails to soft.

Family and Friends:

Father: Unknown(Left)
Mother: Alvilda Lunnea(Alive)
Extended Family: N/A
Children: None
Friends: Amira(Commander)
Rivals: None yet

Alliances: Lupanic Empires and some Lizard Folk towns

Daughter of one of the Council Elders and raised into the Druid ways of the faithful, Zora typically lives in the luxuries of life, but prefers the simpler and more loner ways of travel and ancient discoveries.

Characteristics and Personality:

Occupation: Bookkeeper of the Council | Druid apprentice to the Volkhv.
Education: Private schooling and separate teachings of the wild.
Strengths: Spiritual magic casting and staves
Weaknesses: Swords, physical shields, mana spells.
Languages: Lupanic, wolf, common, short elven and sign language
Likes/Hobbies/Values: Music, writings, watching marital arts | Values life and the use of it.
Dislikes/Phobias: Bloodshed
Fatal Flaws: Mana intake
Skills: Art, Instruments, singing
Dreams/Long-term Desires: To eventually help convert all mana to a more efficient power. Also learn to use a bow properly.
Mental Stability Normal